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Hanling Was Invited to Hold Joint Online Seminar with Oh-Ebasahi LPC & Partners

Hanling & Partners Hanling & Partners Hanling & Partners
Hanling & Partners Hanling & Partners Dec 17,2020
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Hanling was invited by Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners to hold a series joint online seminars collectively titled as “The Chinese Legal Update”.


The seminars will cover various topics including the fourth amendment of Chinese Patent Law, the introduction of Pharmaceutical Marketing Authorization Holder mechanism and the management of China local entities under the context of Covid-19 which are topics that recently gathering attention in China. Through the seminars, Hanling will present introductions about the updates and topics as well as our insight to each of them.


Although placed under a quite special circumstance, we hope to continue to connect us with both foreign and domestic clients and share them with the China law updates together with our insight and opinion.   

The first batch of this series seminars have been completed and, together with the remaining ones, will be available for download through internet platforms. Those who are interested may apply to watch the video through the official website of Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners (